About Delehoy College Counseling

Partnering for Success

At Delehoy College Counseling, we understand that support is vitally important when your student’s future is at stake.

A successful college exploration, selection, and admission process must take into account a student’s academic, social, and financial needs.  Our college counselors boast more than 30 years’ experience in the college admission process, so we know exactly what it takes to find the right fit for your student.

We are passionate about your student’s success, which is why we work with a limited number of students each year.  This way, every student is sure to experience the best possible guidance and support.

In fact, empowering and supporting students is what we do best.

Contact Us to learn how we can make the college selection and admission process easier for your student…and for you.

Eric’s velvet glove manner tempered our fears and anxieties while keeping us glued to the objectives, time frames and other tasks required to complete this process successfully.

Your counseling, magnificently done. You know, you’ve changed her life.

Eric’s approach to working with student writing is supportive but firm; he knows what works and what doesn’t in a college application essay, and he helped my daughter find the perfect subject in a way that no parent editor, no matter how skilled, could have done.